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Making a Difference Where It Matters

We are taking a moment to reflect on areas where OzGeeOm made a difference and continues to make a difference to needy communities in South Africa.

Vulnerable Children

At the start of the new year, it is very difficult for disadvantaged families with vulnerable children to be able to provide compulsory stationary in order to learn. OzGeeOm donated R41,313 in order to support 65 vulnerable students from Grade R (Prep) to Year 12. The funds were donated to Careson Angel who assembled the stationary kits.

January 2024

Some of the ‘thank you’ messages from children who received stationary packs at the start of 2024, donated by the supporters of OzGeeOm.


Local projects are underway to provide the elderly, specifically those who need to take their medication with food, and vulnerable children with a bowl of warm porridge in the morning. Although many of us in Australia, will accept this as a basic necessity, many families in South Africa are struggling to even provide something simple as a bowl of porridge to their loved ones. Volunteers are willing to offer their home, but don’t have a spare fridge (if any) and electricity / gas is not included.

Both maize and milk perish if not kept cool. This meant a fridge to store milk and leftover maize from day to day where the food is made, means less food is spoilt that could have been used if it was kept cool. Electricity supply is unreliable in South Africa. During level 6 load shedding, which was an occurrence in Pretoria in December 2023, electricity supply was interrupted for 6 hours, three times a day. 18 Hours a day without electricity! Not only was there a need for a fridge, it had to be self-sufficient to keep supplies cool during load shedding.

OzGeeOm donated R6,000 for a fridge and R18,000 for an inverter which was recently installed. Please help us to continue helping those in desperate need by making a regular monthly donation from as little as $10 per month. As a registered not-for-profit organisation, all donations are 100% tax deductible under Australian law.

January 2024