How OzGeeOm Supports the Fragile Elderly

The authenticity of organisations we support to care for the fragile elderly is of paramount importance. Specific care is taken by South African contacts to confirm the validity of donor organisations.

Before donating to organisations who care for the fragile elderly, OzGeeOm first identify a  clear set of needs. We expect and publicly share feedback on how funds were spent to meet the needs of the fragile elderly we support.

Help with eye tests and reading glasses
Help with eye tests and reading glasses

OzGeeOm have supported Plesion NPC, a not-for- profit organisation (160-888NPO) with Aged care facilities. We have shown how much we care by donating blankets, washing machines, TV’s and DVD players and paint for their buildings.

Currently OzGeeOm supports Wag’n Bietjie Aged Care  through Careson Angels. Wag n Bietjie Aged Care is an aged care facility in a underprivileged area of in Pretoria. To date we have provided blankets and food parcels, painted the exterior of their buildings and provided medical supplies. 

Donations from OzGeeOm buys Food Parcels, meets Medical Needs and Extends the Exterior of Buildings

Donations from OzGeeOm Gave Chairs a New Life,, Wag ‘n Bietjie Lick of Paint