People with disabilities

Caring for People with Disabilities

The authenticity of organisations we support who care for people with disabilities, is of paramount importance.  Specific care is taken by South African contacts to confirm the validity of donor organisations.

Before donating to organisations, OzGeeOm first request organisations to identify a clear set of needs. OzGeeOm expect and publicly share feedback on how funds were spent to meet those needs.

We support Wenakker in Lydenburg, a residential facility caring for 250 intellectually disabled adults. Established in 1969, Wenakker cares for the profoundly, aged and severely disabled in a safe and secure environment. Wenakker is a non-for- profit organisation (NPO. 009 224) and depends on family contributions and fundraising.

Wenakker homes these residents, and occupy them with normal house chores, creative  and recreation activities. The centre has 10 houses with a live in housemother who take care of their needs. In our High Care Unit we care for 110 profoundly intellectually disabled adults, with 24/7 nursing staff. These residents receive sensory stimulation combined with creativity in a loving and caring environment.

Other Charities OzGeeOm Supports

We also support Quenessa in Pretoria. This is a facility in Gezina Pretoria with 30 residents between the ages of 1-16 years with severe disabilities. They receive 24 -hour care and most of the children need tube-feeding and are on nappies. They receive no government funding or support and are fully reliant on donations and fundraisers.

New Mattresses for high-care facility, shoes and clothing

Wheelchairs, Food parcels, Hamburgers for Special Days