Underprivileged and Homeless

The authenticity of organisations we support is of paramount importance. Specific care is taken by South African contacts to confirm the validity of donor organisations.

Before donating to organisations we first identify a clear set of needs.

We support Careson Angels (NPO 202-690) in Claremont Pretoria who supports 93 underprivileged families in Claremont, Hercules, Booysens, Daspoort, Hermanstad, Tuine, Danville and Elandspoort on a weekly basis with food, toiletries, clothes, and basic medical needs.  Our $10 a week can provide all food, toiletries, electricity, and water for a whole family for a week.

Careson Angels is an organisation in Claremont South Africa who delicates all their time to the underprivileged with their motto as: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life with what we give”. They consist of 4 active volunteers that does all the work.

Careson Angels also supports a Shelter for the elderly and homeless called Uncle Ben’s Den in Daspoort as well as Christmas treats to a Child Care centre in this area.