Vulnerable Children

The authenticity of organisations we support is of paramount importance. Specific care is taken by South African contacts to confirm the validity of donor organisations. Before donating to organisations we first identify a clear set of needs.

We have helped various organisations throughout the years which included safe houses for vulnerable children in Pretoria, where we provided new bed linen,
trampolines, boxing bags, computers and craft activities.

We support Abraham Kriel Orphanage in Nylstroom, President Kruger Orphanage in Pretoria and Kairos Changing Lives, a non-for-profit organisation (NPO 170-129).

Kairos Changing Lives support children from pre-school, primary school and high school. They believe that poverty can only be broken by educating the children and with this in mind they ensure that 400 vulnerable children at General Nicolaas Smit Primary school in Claremont Pretoria get at least one meal for the day at school. Some of the children also take food parcels home to ensure the parents have something to eat. The need is so high in these areas, and they believe by feeding the children they can at least ensure they are learning something at school. By providing education and supporting these children in their journey beyond primary school with finding donations to continue their schooling as well as potential tertiary education they hope to break the cycle of poverty in this area. Kairos provides food. education as well as second-hand clothes and emotional support to these children and their families.

Through Careson Angels OzGeeOm supports a few children which form part of their 93 families they support on a weekly basis.

Helping With the Needs of Babies and Young Children

Clothes, Bedding, Help with Educational Needs